Heritage & Games

Games are, as a rule, fun, interactive learning mechanisms. What you’re learning isn’t always complicated, but you are nonetheless learning — even if it is just when to burn the rope. That said, it’s now more common for games to have higher aspirations, to impart a little real-world knowledge, however indirectly. Often, this relates to history.

A Lowland Village

David Deacon It's dark. An air raid siren wails. A man in a heavy steel helmet walks amongst us. 'Put that light out!' he says. The audience laughs, the lights come back on, and the man in the Air Raid Warden's uniform takes up position behind a microphone at the front of the

Mr Primrose

A couple of weeks back, I found myself stood in an overcast churchyard in Gloucestershire with a big smile on my face because, after exactly three years of searching, I had found Mr Primrose. Of course, you're likely wondering who Mr Primrose was, for he certainly wasn't famous...

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