Culture & Heritage

We work to enhance historical and cultural collections through research, digitisation, curation, creative promotion, playful experiences, and improved online presence. We work with all kinds of collections, though moving image archives are our speciality.

We appreciate that every collection is unique; it has a history that can’t be replicated and contains materials that can’t be replaced. Every collection is valuable in its own distinctive and remarkable way.

We want to help people appreciate the individuality and value of these resources by maximising the opportunities for access, exploration, and engagement.


We provide a large variety of services to facilitate a large variety of projects. This list isn’t exhaustive but highlights some of our services.

  • Research of collections
  • Cataloguing
  • Digitisation of photographs, photographic film, slides, documents, and moving image film
  • Project management
  • Creative project development
  • Copywriting
  • Game design (boardgames and videogames)
  • Video editing (for trailers, watermarking, encoding for social media, etc.)
  • Exhibition design, curation, and installation
  • Event organisation and facilitation
  • Marketing and press plans
  • Representation for press
  • App and website design

Clients and Collaborators

We’re delighted to have worked with a variety of great people and organisations. Here are a few of them:

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