Founded in 2011, TIME/IMAGE is an archive and data consultancy specialising in digital projects.

TIME/IMAGE primarily works with two sectors—the digital branch of Construction and the interlaced areas of Culture and Heritage. Our varied clients include public bodies, museums, charities, universities, software companies, and construction services firms. 

We believe in doing the best possible job, in being honest and helpful. We value customer satisfaction, innovative collaboration, and leaving a positive legacy through our work.

TIME/IMAGE is run by its Lead Consultant and Co-Founder, Sarah Cole.

Sarah favours a hands-on approach; she’s led most of our projects, has represented clients in the press, and is the person you’re most likely to meet.

Sarah has a been working as an archive and data consultant for almost a decade. Her specialities include modernising old data structures, excavating media archives for public-facing projects, and developing creative projects.

A creative geek, Sarah is at home in the digital world. Her diverse interests, including games and technology, inform her work.