Here We Go Again

Project Description

In this series we picked out some of the bigger or more interesting current news events and provided a history of similar events that have happened in the past, using only freely-available online resources.

It’s well known that by understanding the events of the past that we can better understand our present. And what better way to engage with our past than through the vast array of information that is freely available to us through online sources and media? But navigating what is available can be time-consuming and daunting.

Our aim was not to provide comment or opinion on what is currently occurring, nor on what has happened in the past. Instead we wanted to provide facts and histories in the hope that it may help to contextualise what is happening today. We also wanted to provide people with a portal to the numerous resources that perhaps they didn’t know were available or would have never thought to look at – or have never had the time to. This could be anything from The National Archives, to lesser known sites such as the Tower Hamlets History Online website, or even extracts from (reference-checked) Wikipedia articles.

Click on the images below to view the two current entries.