Knowledge Exchange: Archives, Assets, and Audiences

Project Description

This project was an AHRC Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange initiative to explore the potential for a productive collision of archives, assets, and audiences to the benefit of all concerned, led by Nottingham Trent University, the University of Leicester, and the University of Nottingham. This scheme spawned a number of exciting sub-projects that examine the heritage of the East Midlands and seek to utilise historical resources in new ways.

TIME/IMAGE worked as an Industry Partner in this endeavour, exploring the topic of user curation and considering the common themes and connections between the different sub-projects. This research fed into the development of a concept web tool; a framework for cross-domain trails of online content, with a heavy focus on interactivity and user-generated narratives. The results of this will be available online in the near future.

We additionally worked to organise a ‘pop-up’ exhibition in a empty shop hosting a pop-up fair in the centre of Nottingham as a means of presenting the outcomes of the projects to the general public and connecting the city with its heritage.

You can learn more about the Archives, Assets, and Audiences project at