Centre for Creative Collaboration

Project Description

TIME/IMAGE was based at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) from early 2011 until its closure in December 2014.

The Centre for Creative Collaboration near King’s Cross, London, was an unusual workspace that was an initiative of the University of London. The space aimed to support new types of collaboration using the principles of open innovation. The community of interesting companies and projects was largely self-managed and would work together to benefit everyone involved.

TIME/IMAGE took an active role in the space; we helped to build and populate the C4CC website, handled the social media, organised large seasonal networking events, and provided film materials for showcases. We also shaped the structure of the community, proposing new approaches to the space and implementing accountability which were met with wide approval.

Sarah, our Lead Consultant, was also voted into the voluntary position of Community Supervisor, where she helped with all sorts of community matters.